Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Botox v. Dysport

There are different medicines on the market now for providing relief of dynamic wrinkles. Botox was the first major product on the market and the best known. There are now competitors such as Dysport and others coming such as PurTox. I have extensively used both Botox and Dysport. I have generally found that they give very equivalent results. Dysport has a small advantage of generally taking two days v. three days to begin working. I find that both can take up to seven days to have their complete effect. I have not found that there is a clinical meaningful difference in how long either one of them last. Both of them seem to last 3-4 months for patients who are new to Botox. Both seem to build up close to six months with repeated dosing. Because I feel the results have been very similar I will probably make an effort at using whichever one will give my patients the best financial price. I will also be trying new neurotoxins as they come out for the same reason. They will all have to meet the old standard that Botox set early.

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  1. I was wondering what the cost is for Botox or Dyspot? I am looking into getting one of these options for the first time!

  2. Looking to do dysport first week in October. Is that possible?