Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Which is better: dermal fillers or Botox?

Patients often ask me which is better for them, a dermal filler or Botox. This is a little bit of a trick question in that these are very different tools. Dermal fillers can rejuvenate by filling in lines such as the ones at the junction of the cheek and lip called the nasolabial folds. Botox is not very good for helping this. Conversely Botox is very good for smoothing some of the dynamic wrinkles between ones eyebrows that are caused by frowning. There are times where both modalities are effective, fillers and Botox. Some wrinkles occur not only when the patient animates but also at rest. I will frequently use Botox or Dysport to help paralyze the muscle and then use a filler such as Juvederm or Radiesse to fill in any residual wrinkle after the Botox has helped soften the active wrinkling.

Whether it is Botox, Juvederm, lasers, or surgery; all of these things are simply just tools to aide in facial rejuvenation.

Which one is the best depends completely on what the patient is trying to correct and what magnitude of procedure they are looking to undergo. All of these decisions are highly individualized and can be accessed during a consultation.


  1. Botox Injections so much good and effectine injections...

  2. Even if most people seem to prefer botox instead of dermal fillers, I think this is only the result of an intense advertisement of botox, because if we do research we'll see that a filler like Juvederm has many advantages comparing to botox.

    I chose Juvederm from a big list with Toronto fillers because it's the only one that can be naturally found in the human body, and that's what counts for me, to be as natural as possible.

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  4. Botox and dermal fillers are used to treat different areas and issues. However in terms of their longevity both Botox and dermal fillers are acting resolutions to the problems of ageing, alms a three to six ages acquittal from wrinkles afore defective to be repeated.

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  5. They are slightly different from each other, botox can be used for various purposes including treating migraines but dermal fillers are only for removing facial lines.

  6. Hello Dr Rude,

    Thank you for sharing this insight into Botox in your practice.

    As a qualified advanced medical aesthetics practitioner from the UK I am faced with almost identical scenarios in my own practice.

    I like to think of the two in terms of the ceiling for potential creativity. Botox® does not have the scope for creativity associated with Dermal fillers at an advanced level. If the comparison had to made on creative potential alone then I believe there could be only one winner - dermal fillers.

    Much like yourself I feel this isn't a fair question. Botox® and dermal fillers are equally as good when used correctly and botulinum toxin must also be appreciated for its wider appeal in the medical industry as a whole.

    With best regards
    Helen Bowes
    Advanced Medical Aesthetics Practitioner
    Skin Beautiful Medical & Cosmetic Skin Clinic
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    1. Dermal Fillers will reduce wrinkles, folds and augment you lips where as Botox will erase lines which are caused by muscle movement.

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  13. My wife has been looking to get a dermal filler. I've been trying to do all the research I can on it to be sure it's the right decision for her. I think she looks beautiful regardless, but I want her to feel that way too. Any other sites that I could read up more on this topic?

  14. There are a variety of dermal fillers and each can be used in a particular area of the face. You have to educated yourself with them (or the popular ones) to understand how they work.
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