Thursday, September 1, 2011

Laser Hair Removal

This is a common office procedure that we perform. The most common areas are the bikini, armpits, as well as the face. Other areas include the legs and back. Laser hair removal is an effective procedure. It always requires multiple sessions. Laser hair removal only works on growing hairs at any one time; not all the hair on a given part of your body is growing. This is why hair on our heads grows out unevenly. A mans beard has approximately 90% of the hairs growing at any time. Areas such as legs or back grow much more slowly. 

The laser hair removal works by concentrating laser energy on the hair shaft. This then heats up and burns the hair follicle. The hair follicle is where the hair is created. The ideal candidate has very pale skin and dark course hair. In this scenario all the laser energy will be absorbed by the hair shaft and none of it will be absorbed by the skin. Blonde or gray hair is essentially impossible to do successfully. Darker skinned patients are also more challenging. One has to be careful in those situations that there is no reduction in skin color or scarring. Overall it is a very satisfying procedure. I personally have had laser hair removal on my neck which I love! Now I barely have to shave my neck at all. 


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